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We know that life is full of ups and downs. You may find yourself in a season where you are needing prayer, support, and love. Let us know how we can pray for you or if you would like someone to come visit. It would be our honor. 

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Monday - Friday | 3 PM 

The story of "COME & SEE"

Prior to Covid, our church had an intercessory prayer group that met in person at the church on Monday at noon.  There were only six of us at that time.  Then Covid hit, the church had to shut down, and our pastor started hosting our group on Zoom, one day a week at ten in the morning.

Several more folks began to join us.  Where else was there to go, right?  After a month or so  we began to ask ourselves, “why don’t we meet every day?”- definitely a God-guided question!  So we did!  More people joined and soon we had a core group of about ten.  When it began to get hotter (we live in Texas), we decided to move our prayer time to 3pm, so we could get our outdoor ‘chores’ done in the morning.  (This was still a God-thing because we didn’t really think of three in the afternoon as being ‘the hour of prayer’).

All of this was in 2020.  Now, in 2023, we still meet every day at 3:00 p.m. for intercessory prayer.  Our group is larger now, not everyone is able to come every day, but folks come as often as they can. Our prayer group members represent seven different churches in three different cities, and five different denominations.  We feel that God planned the formation of our group all along the way.  Since it is God’s idea and His doing, we have grown into a bonded prayer family.


If someone had asked us in March of 2020, if we would like to become a group that would meet every weekday, we all would likely have declined because we didn’t think we had the time.  Now, our prayer time has become a priority in our lives.  As we have grown closer to God, He has drawn us closer to each other.  Funny how He does that!  Thanks be to God!

You are officially invited to come and see what prayer can do.

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