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Worship and Fellowship: What to Expect at Resurrection Global Methodist Church

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

There is no shortage of churches in North Texas, so you may be asking yourself “Why another church blog about what to expect?” Believe me, I get it. It can, at times, feel completely overwhelming for the family or individual looking for a place to worship. Our prayer is that God would direct your steps to where He would have you connect, serve, and worship with the body of Christ. If you sense you are being led to Resurrection Global Methodist Church (GMC) then here are a few things, you can expect.

Bible Based Teaching: We are unapologetically rooted and grounded in God’s word. We believe the Bible says what it means and means what it says. As the body of Christ, we are called to examine the scripture and allow it to shape our lives in every way. This is a process that God works in us because we are unable to do this work on our own. This means we will eventually discover a truth in scripture that we do not agree with or do not like. When this happens, we do not conform the message of the Bible to fit our views, opinions and preferences, but instead we ask God to change us.

Unique Worship: Resurrection Global Methodist Church is a family of believers who have worshiped together for several decades. We value relationships and connections and cannot wait to meet you. Our worship services are intentionally designed to honor traditional forms of liturgy and singing while openly embracing new styles of music and technology. This means that, on any given Sunday, you will get to sing a hymn and a modern worship song in a style that everyone can enjoy and engage in. Every Sunday we will recite a formational creed together, sing the doxology and have a reading from scripture. Also, we take time during our service to pray together and to bring our joys and concerns to the church as we practice transparency together as the church.

Family of Faith: We believe God’s love is for every generation and our objective is to share His love with every generation in a way that they can understand and enjoy. Our children’s ministry is called rezKIDS and meets every Sunday during our worship service. Check-in begins at 10:30am. When you visit Resurrection Global methodist Church you will find a group of people who cannot wait to meet you and make you feel at home. We are a family of faith, and everyone is invited to the reunion… does not matter who you are. You are family.

Our prayer is that you would feel welcome and valued simply for being you and we will make it our highest priority to encourage you in your relationship with God and your search of a church home. Even if that church home is not at Resurrection GMC, we are cheering you on and praying God’s will for you and your family. This is a new season for Methodists and the “Big C” church. We could not be more excited, and we cannot wait to meet you.

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