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A Year of Resurrection

If you are reading this, there is little doubt in my mind and heart that you are probably not on this webpage by chance. I suppose it is possible that you randomly landed on this article posted by a start up church in North Texas. However, my own experience has always shown me that God is always at work in the things we call coincidence.

I am writing this the day after the church’s one year anniversary celebration. One full year of seeking the Lord together as a part of His church global. The events of this year are far too numerous to list, but you can use your imagination and my guess is that it would not be far off. Only one year of ministry and I am the third pastor (following 2 interim pastors) to serve alongside this group of believers. Only one year of ministry and we have seen the message of the gospel spread throughout Arlington, TX in a way some of us never dreamed possible. Only one year and we are already preparing for the next season of the mission God has called us to pursue.

If you were to visit us this Sunday, (I am writing this on Nov. 6, 2023) you might have a difficult time finding us as we currently rent space at a historic music venue in Arlington, TX. Our lobby is dated and our Sunday School classroom is also a bar/lounge. Our worship space, we lovingly refer to as a sanctuary, has 10x more seats than we currently use. The room is better suited for an ACDC cover band than our acoustic worship style. Yet, somehow in the midst of the unconventional environment, God is moving in a real way.

Don’t believe me? Come spend a Sunday morning in worship with us. We don’t have donuts but there is always a surplus of homemade treats from the weekly fellowship time following Sunday School (9:30am). Join us for worship (11:00am) and try to sneak in quietly and sit in the back by yourself. I am 100% confident you will be unsuccessful. Introverts beware, when you visit, you will have a swarm of people who will insist (lovingly) that you sit next to them for the service. No doubt you will have another handful of folks coming to greet you after the service.

Here is the best part. If you visit Resurrection GMC, you are sure to be asked to join in a mission project serving our Arlington, TX neighbors. What day of the week do these service projects take place? Pick one, there is more than enough opportunity to share the love of Jesus to the world around us.

While some may view our theology as “judgmental” or “old-school”and that’s okay. We unapologetically stand firm on the orthodox teaching of scripture handed down to us through the generations by the power of the Holy Spirit. What does that mean? That means we may have opposing world views and very different lived experiences, but you are welcome to come as you are, encounter the risen Savior, and leave forever changed. You’ll have plenty of people cheering you on as we grow and develop as disciples of Jesus one day at a time.

Above all else, If Resurrection GMC isn’t where God is calling you, find where you are being called to connect and grow. Don’t walk, don’t pause, don’t delay. Run towards His peace and don’t look back.

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