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House Fires Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church
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House Fires is an easy way for you to gather in your home for prayer, worship and spiritual development. There is no fee or strict schedule to follow. Simply complete the registration below and schedule your first gathering for any day and time that works best for you.

How does it work?

House Fires is simply a resource for you to use in whatever way that works best for your local ministry framework. We provide worship content, study guides, and teaching videos that your group can access 24/7.


Some groups meet weekly and view the videos as a group in the leader's home. Other groups meet monthly in their favorite coffee shop and discuss the materials from a specific series or topic.

(Check out our sample content below.)



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Lord I Need You

Lord I Need You

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Build My Life

Build My Life

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WHAT'S The Catch?

You may be looking for our list of requirements to take part in HouseFires content or to be a group leader. We want this to be as easy as possible for you and your faith community so we have narrowed it down to 3 things that are "strongly suggested".

1. Every HouseFire group needs to be connected to a local church in their area. 

      - Connection with the local church is vital for every group for       

      purposes of baptism and communion. We firmly believe that both

      of these sacraments should be observed within the context of

      your local church.

2. Every HouseFire group needs to practice financial obedience and generosity.

      - Whether your call it tithing, generosity, or an offering, financial

      obedience is a non-negotiable for growing disciples. As such, we

      believe that every HouseFire group should encourage and give

      opportunities for people to practice obedience in their finances. 

      These gifts can be directed to the group itself, missions, or

      wherever the giver senses God directing them to give.

3. Every HouseFire group must have a group leader who help facilitate gatherings and connection.

     - This is mostly administrative but history has proven that leaders

     are important for any group, regardless of its size, to experience

     healthy and consistent growth. So we strongly encourage each

     group to have a leader. This responsibility can be transferred so

     your group may decide to have leader terms and rotate the


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